Ann Baker is a DONA international trained birth and postpartum doula.  She completed her DONA International approved course through the Simkin Center at Bastyr University in July, 2019. 

Ann is also an instructor of SymptoPro™ Fertility Education (in training, under supervision).  She completed her coursework with SymptoPro™ Fertility Education, a program of Northwest Family Services, in 2018.  She is currently in the practicum phase of her instructor training.

Ann received a Bachelor of Science degree from Toccoa Falls College in 2018.


Ann has committed her life's work to provide support for women and families in the underserved areas of fertility awareness and postpartum wellbeing.  She first learned a Sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness by reading a popular book.  However, she found the book's teaching of the cervical mucus signs inadequate for reliable charting.  Ann and her husband were  able to attend an in-person class with a Symptopro instructor.  The Symptopro course provided the clarity and support necessary for her to become skilled in charting and interpreting each cycle with confidence and  scientifically-proven reliabilty.  She became a fertility educator to provide other women and couples the opportunity to have greater awareness of, and appreciation for, their fertility, thereby positively impacting their personal wellbeing,  developing intimacy in their relationship and effectively meeting their family planning needs, as it has for her.

Ann's decision to become a doula was a response of gratitude for the help she received from others throughout her pregnancies and postpartum periods.  Each of her pregnancies, births, and postpartum periods were unique.  In addition to her healthy pregnancies and births, she has also suffered miscarriage and a postpartum mood disorder.  She is familiar with how birth and motherhood can be impacted when there is a history of abuse or trauma.  In every situation she faced, whether it was typical or a complication, she recognized her need for understanding, compassion, and time for adjustment.  Although every birth experience for every woman is unique, those needs of understanding, compassion and time for adjustment are universal to all mothers.  Her own experience and professional training have equipped her well to provide compassion, information, and hands on assistance needed by mothers and their families in a sensitive and personal manner after baby arrives.  

In her personal life, Ann enjoys studying, reading, hiking and camping.  She finds creative fulfillment in writing, cooking, and gardening.  She is married and has three beautiful, fun and active children.  Her fourth child, June Florence, did not live past 12 weeks gestation.  Ann was raised in the Seattle area and has the highest appreciation of the region's natural beauty, resources, art & culture.  She and her family live in West Seattle along with their cat and three chickens.